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Information Asset Register


inforoute provides direct access to the Information Asset Register (IAR). The IAR lists information resources held by the UK Government, concentrating on unpublished resources. In doing so it enables users to identify, from one single source, the information held in a wide variety of departments, agencies and other organisations.

What IAR records tell you

The following template will be used to describe information resources. More detailed guidance on each field is also available.

TITLE: Title of resource, with additional or alternative titles if they exist.

IARN: The IAR Number; a unique number identifying each record. The first part of the number indicates which organisation created the record.

IDENTIFIER: Identifier or acronym by which the resource may be commonly known, or file name with full path.

DESCRIPTION: A description of the information contained the resource. An abstract if the resource is document-like. A content description of visual or other resources.

SUBJECT: Keywords and phrases indicating the subject matter of the resource.

COVERAGE: Geographic area covered by the information in the resource.

DATE: The date on which the resource was created or published.

UPDATING FREQUENCY: For databases etc, to indicate currency.

DATE MODIFIED: The date on which a database or other resource was last updated.

SOURCE: The source(s) of the information found in the resource.

FORMAT: Physical formats of resource. Examples: Book, CD-ROM, Database (Access 97;); Collection of documents (Word 6, 17 files)

LANGUAGE: The language(s) of the resource content.

AUTHOR: Person, group or organisation responsible for the intellectual content of the resource.

PUBLISHER: The office or organisation to be contacted for further information about, or access to, the resource.

RIGHTS: Basic indication of the user’s rights to view, copy, redistribute or republish all or part of the information held in the database.

CATEGORY: A term/terms from the Government Category List (GCL). Users can search for all the records covered by each term from the GCL.