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Command Papers

Command Papers are Parliamentary Papers which derive their name from the fact they are presented to the United Kingdom Parliament nominally by "Command of Her Majesty", but in practice generally by a Government Minister. Apart from a few exceptions they are published in a numbered series. The current series uses the prefix Cm.

Command Papers are papers of interest to Parliament where presentation to Parliament is not required by statute. The subjects may be major policy proposals (White Papers) and consultation documents (Green Papers), diplomatic documents such as treaties, Government responses to Select Committee reports, reports of major committees of inquiry or certain departmental reports or reviews.

What Command Papers have been published?

Command Papers are published on Departmental websites. A list of Command Papers from 2001 onwards is available on this website.You can view the list alphabetically by department or if you know the Command Paper number you can view the list numerically.

Where can Command Papers be accessed?

Command Papers are published on Departmental websites and on the Official Documents website where they can be viewed in HTML or PDF and purchased.