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National Quality Board

The National Quality Board (NQB) is a multi-stakeholder board established to champion quality and ensure alignment in quality throughout the NHS. The Board is a key aspect of the work to deliver high quality care for patients.

The Department of Health held a number of stakeholder events to shape the design of the NQB. Stakeholders’ views have shaped the NQB membership, its recruitments process and its role to provide strategic oversight and leadership in quality across the NHS.

Additional links

NQB annual report

The annual report sets out the many ways in which the NQB has worked over the last year to support frontline staff to improve quality and to ensure the health system is aligned around quality.

Prioritisation for quality improvement: stakeholder engagement

The National Quality Board will advise Ministers on clinical priorities for the NHS, and on topics for NICE quality standards. This stakeholder engagement seeks views on the Board's process for doing so.

First meeting of the NQB

View a short clip from the National Quality Board’s first meeting

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (opens new window)

Providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health.

Visions for better healthcare

The nine Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) visions for better healthcare that formed the basis of Lord Darzi’s Next Stage Final Review.

High Quality Care For All

Lord Darzi’s Next Stage Final Review outlines the strategic vision for an NHS with quality at its heart.

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