• Departmental priorities

    1. A patient-led NHS

    Strengthen the patient’s ability to exercise extended choice, to manage their care and to have their voice heard within the NHS

    2. Shift resources to promote better healthcare outcomes

    Shift focus and resources towards better healthcare outcomes, including national healthcare outcome measures, patient-reported outcomes and patient experience measures

    3. Revolutionise NHS accountability

    Create a long-term sustainable framework of institutions with greater autonomy for doctors and nurses, and greater accountability to patients and the public, focused on outcomes

    4. Promote better public health

    Promote better public health for the nation by centring the Department’s focus on public health, developing a clear strategy and partnering with the voluntary and private sectors

    5. Reform social care

    Enable people needing care to be treated with dignity and respect; reform the system of social care to provide much more control to individuals and their carers, easing the cost burden that they and their families face