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bluearrow Academies Finance

This website is being developed as a location for guidance on the financing of academies. At present it contains only general guidance and information, together with contact details for the DCSF academies finance team. At a later stage, academy finance directors will be able to log on and access information (eg funding letters) specific to their own academy.

bluearrow Academies Project Management

This website provides information about the delivery of Academy projects by setting out the project management process. It gives easy access to the procedures, policies, guidance and documentation that are common to all Academy projects.

bluearrow Academies

Academies are all-ability, state-funded schools established and managed by sponsors from a wide range of backgrounds, including high performing schools and colleges, universities, individual philanthropists, businesses, the voluntary sector, and the faith communities.

bluearrow Ethnic Minority Achievement

The Ethnic Minority Achievement area aims to provide support to Local Authorities (LAs) and schools by: Providing documentation for ethnic background data collection; sharing successful experiences of schools and LAs and signposting useful links and publications which provide information and research on minority ethnic pupils educational achievement.

bluearrow Federations

The term “federation” has a wide currency, and is often used loosely to describe many different types of collaborative groups, partnerships and clusters, even through to mergers and the creation of new schools.

bluearrow Gender and Achievement

The Gender and Achievement area is designed for teachers, LAs and parents who want support and information on gender and achievement. It will help those who are raising the performance and aspirations of underachieving boys and girls by providing an on-line resource pool of best practice, analysis and practical guidance.

bluearrow Homework

A good, well-managed homework programme helps children and young people to develop the skills and attitudes they will need, for successful lifelong learning. Homework also supports the development of independent learning skills, and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children's education.

bluearrow Learning Mentors

The Learning Mentors area provides a broad range of information and support materials relating to Learning Mentor provision for schools and colleges.

bluearrow National Strategies

The new presence brings all National Strategies content into one place and enriches that content with great new features such as groups, discussions and the ability to rate material on the site.

bluearrow National Teacher Research Panel

The National Teacher Research Panel has three main goals: To ensure that all research in education takes account of the teacher perspective; To ensure a higher profile for research and evidence informed practice in government, academic and practitioner communities; and To increase the number of teachers engaged in and with the full spectrum of research activity.

bluearrow Parental Involvement

The content within the Parental Involvement area has been designed to help you get the most from parental involvement and offers suggestions on how parents and teachers can achieve effective partnerships and manage home school agreements.

bluearrow Personalised Learning

The Personalised Learning area summarises recent thinking about personalised learning in schools in practice and policy to date. The intention is to provide headteachers, teachers, support staff, parents and governors with a shared understanding for the development of personalised learning.

bluearrow Phonics

The Phonics site is intended to offer schools and early years settings support in choosing an effective phonics teaching programme.

bluearrow Primary Framework

The Primary Framework has been designed to support teachers and schools to deliver high quality learning and teaching for all children. It contains detailed guidance and materials to support literacy and mathematics in primary schools and settings.

bluearrow Primary National Strategy

High standards and a broad and rich curriculum go hand in hand. The Primary National Strategy supports teachers and schools to raise standards across the whole curriculum.

bluearrow Pupil Achievement Tracker

The Pupil Achievement Tracker (PAT) is no longer being updated with school data. If you would like to view current school data please use the RAISEonline website.

bluearrow Research Informed Practice Site

The Research and Informed Practice area offers easy access to essential research findings for teachers, governors, parents and all those who support them in the education of school age students.

bluearrow Schemes of Work

QCA has been working with schools to explore ways of adapting and developing the schemes. Materials have been produced that explain why and how schemes could be customised to better meet childrens' needs and the context of the school. Examples of how teachers have tailored individual units are also provided.

bluearrow School Diversity

The School Diversity site provides information about School Diversity policy and the benefits for schools, students, parents and teachers.

bluearrow School Improvement

The School Improvement Team of the Department for Children, Schools and Families is responsible for the development and delivery of policies and programmes which: transform schools in challenging circumstances; prevent school failure; where necessary tackle failing and underperforming schools; and promote improvements in pupil achievement to narrow attainment gaps.

bluearrow Schools Recruitment Service

Due to launch in early 2009, the new online Schools Recruitment Service is being developed to provide schools and local authorities in England with a better process for recruiting permanent teaching and support staff.

bluearrow Secondary Frameworks

There have been significant developments since the original Frameworks were introduced in 2001 and 2002. Teachers using these have contributed to the widespread improvements in teaching and learning, and to increased levels of pupil attainment at both Key Stages 3 and 4. A wealth of National Strategies resources is now available to support.

bluearrow Secondary National Strategy

The Secondary National Strategy for school improvement is part of the Government’s major reform programme for transforming secondary education to enable children and young people to attend and enjoy school, achieve personal and social development and raise educational standards in line with the Every Child Matters agenda.

bluearrow Specialist Schools

The Specialist Schools Programme (SSP) helps schools, in partnership with private sector sponsors and supported by additional Government funding, to establish distinctive identities through their chosen specialisms and achieve their targets to raise standards.

bluearrow Standards Site discussion forums

The forums are intended to enable the users of the site to talk to each other and to share good practice with one another, as well as to comment on and give feedback about the Standards Site overall.

bluearrow Star Chamber

The Star Chamber is one of the main vehicles in the Department's drive to reduce bureaucracy impacting on local authority children's services (including education) and schools. It was formed in 1999 to review existing and proposed data collection exercises originating from within DCSF and re-launched in October 2006 with a wider remit and enhanced powers.

bluearrow Study Support

Study support, or out of school hours learning, covers activities which take place outside normal lessons and which have a learning focus. Participation is voluntary. Study support can happen before or after the school day, at lunch and break times, at weekends, and during school holidays.

bluearrow Target Setting

Within the Target Setting area you will find information, guidance and publications to support the target setting process at pupil, school and local authority level.

bluearrow Training Schools

As centres of excellence for training, Training Schools act as experts in adult learning and the transfer of skills, and provide a venue for high quality professional development.

bluearrow Value for Money

The Value for Money area aims to provide schools and local authorities with a valuable source of tools, guidance and resource materials to assist schools in deploying effective strategic management.