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At NHS Live we are keen to tell others about your improvement work and to introduce you to similar stories elsewhere. However big or small, if the work you are doing is making a difference we would like to hear about it.

There are some NHS Live publishing guidelines to remember.

The project should:

• Be based in England*
• Be health-related and based in the public sector
• OR, if third sector there must be an NHS partner
• Have an element of improvement or innovation
• Clearly communicate the basic overall aims of the work
• Reflect the values of the NHS

*If the project is not based in England it can still be published in the NHS Live project directory, but the project will not have access to the other benefits offered to NHS Live projects.

NHS Live use a 'House Style', the guidelines are as follows:

• Project descriptions will be approximately 75 words in length
• A topic sentence will begin the description
• This will be followed by a paragraph no longer than 6 lines
• Sentences will be no longer than 15 words
• Projects will be written in 3rd person (unless specifically indicated otherwise)
• Project titles will be written in lower case

By registering a project you will help to inspire and support others who may be thinking about doing something similar. Click on the blue button to submit your project.project_submit_button_med.jpg



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