Scenario generator project

The NHS Institute has been the lead partner of a consortium that has developed Scenario Generator, a novel software simulation tool for strategic planning. The software has undergone 18 months of field testing in a large number of PCTs and other NHS organisations across England. Following a rigorous internal review in February 2008, a final phase of development was completed in October 2008, since when it has become a commercial product marketed and supported by Simul8 Corporation on our behalf.

For more information about the commercial product see SIMUL8 Corporation's pages at

Following its commercialisation, the NHS Institute will continue to:

  • promote scenario gnerator
  • support and learn from its growing user community across NHS England
  • show how to derive benefit from modelling and simulation using scenario generator


Scenario Generator has been developed as a public-private partnership between the NHS and Simul8 Corporation. The partnership was originally established by Norfolk Suffolk and Cambridgeshire SHA and its successor organisation, East of England SHA, who transferred rights to the software to the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement in May 2007.

Several other organisations have contributed to the software development project:

Advisory group

An advisory group provides Simul8 Corporation and the NHS Institute with advice on future development needs and opportunities for Scenario Generator

Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights are held jointly by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and Simul8 Corporation. Simul8 Corporation has been granted an exclusive licence to market and further develop Scenario Generator.

Further information

Project documents