Products and Services

NHSI Surgeon 2.jpgNHS Institute Worldwide’s products and services will bring about significant and lasting improvements in your organisation. Our products and services are proven to provide real change within a global setting. 

We achieve this by taking the most appropriate elements from the NHS Institute and packaging them for the worldwide market.   

Help you to achieve 

All our products and services can achieve the following core benefits for you:  

  • Creating improvements which are driven by your staff.
  • Improving safety through greater time focused on your patients.
  • Helping create a culture where your staff are more positive about change.

We'll provide you with

We can provide you with a range of options to allow you to evaluate the impact of the NHS Institute's products from a single test site through to supporting large scale change.

Examples of our products and services include:

  • online access to licensed materials.
  • workshops and seminars delivered in your country or the UK.
  • thought leadership on key areas of service improvement.
  • access to virtual collaborative spaces.
  • an array of on-line and paper-based tools and guides.
  • support, training and advisory services.


A range of NHS Institute products can be purchased directly from our bookshop.

What happens next?

We've developed a series of engagements which bring together key elements of products and services provided by the NHS Institute and have organised them so that we can deliver them to customers around the world.

On the menu, to the right, is a summary of some of the products and services that we can deliver. Look at these summaries and contact us if you would like to:

  • adapt one to fit your environment.
  • understand more about the benefits that we've been able to deliver to our customers around the world.

You can also approach us about other NHS Institute work that you feel would be relevant to your organisation.