Executive coaching

 "I attended an expensive week long course at an internationally renowned management college, and found myself less 'developed' than after four sessions with one of your coaches."
- Chief Executive, Mental Health NHS Trust

The NHS Institute will fully fund 4 x 2 hour coaching sessions with one of the coaches from our register for every newly appointed Chair, Chief Executive and Executive Director.

Executive coaching is one of the core elements of the NHS Institute’s support to Chairs, Chief Executives and Executive Directors. We know from our own research that this one to one focused and bespoke relationship is often perceived as the single most effective development intervention that a senior leader in the NHS can access.

In 2009, the NHS Institute, in partnership with I-Coach Academy, developed and implemented an assessment centre process for those executive coaches who wanted to join our coaching register. From over 350 applications, we have selected just 25 who we believe to be some of the very best in the country, in terms of their coaching abilities, ability to work with a client, and in the most effective and appropriate way for that client.

Target Audience

Chairs, Chief Executives and Executive Directors in all NHS England organisations.


The first four sessions will be fully funded by the NHS Institute. Your organisation will need to fund the sessions if the coaching relationship continue beyond the initial four sessions.

Further information

For further information or to apply please email the Board Development team at the NHS Institute or telephone 0845 862 0036

Please click here to access the biographies for each coach on the register.