Leadership Qualities Framework

The NHS Leadership Qualities Framework is an evidence based competency framework, grounded in research with 150 NHS Chief Executives and Directors of all disciplines. The Framework sets the standard for outstanding leadership qualities in the NHS and describes the key characteristics, attitudes and behaviours to which leaders in the NHS should aspire.

The Framework is a set of fifteen qualities, arranged in three clusters:

  • Personal Qualities
  • Setting Direction
  • Delivering the Service.
Each quality is defined at levels that identify both effective and outstanding leaders. The highest levels relate to the expected behaviour demonstrated by outstanding chief executives within the NHS.

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The framework can be applied at individual or organisational levels and has significant potential including:

  • Personal development
  • Board / team development
  • Leadership profiling for recruitment and selection
  • Career mapping
  • Succession planning

The Framework is supported by a 360° feedback tool

This is based on the qualities and can be used by individuals, teams and organisations to support individual, team and organisational development. Data from the 360° tool will also provide the NHS Institute with information on local and national profiles of leadership capacity and capability. These are the benchmarks against which NHS leaders can assess themselves and their teams, and identify the means for developing greater and more effective capacity.

Independent evaluation of the 360° tool was undertaken during 2010, and the findings have now been published. They demonstrate that it commands widespread support within the NHS, and provide firm evidence of its beneficial impact. The findings are available for download here:

Evaluation of the LQF 360 Aug 2010 Evaluation of the LQF 360 Aug 2010 (1.09 MB)

LQF 360 Review Case Studies June 2010 LQF 360 Review Case Studies June 2010 (179.33 KB)

Access the Framework

Access the Framework or to get more detailed information.  Access to the Framework is free and there is a small charge of £65.50 for using the online 360° feedback tool.

Further information
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