What are the characteristics of success?

During the course of the first programme, we were able to identify the characteristics of the leaders and the organisations that have gained the most from ‘Delivering through Improvement’. These include:

  • A chief executive who is prepared to invest his/her time and effort into making change happen and is willing to support staff and allow them to dedicate allowing them time to dedicate to individual improvement projects
  • A chief executive who is a strong leader and committed to transformation and enhancing their transformational leadership skills
  • A chief executive who is receptive to new ideas and approaches to transformation and is willing to change him/herself
  •  An executive team that is supportive of and committed to improvement
  • Evidence of improvement projects and some improvement capability throughout the organisation
  • A trust where an improvement methodology or approach is not advanced to the extent that new ideas are dismissed but an organisation wanting to adopt a more rigorous approach to transformation.
The first ‘Delivering through Improvement’ is still going strong and we have demonstrated that the impact of working together as network and sharing resources is far greater than it is for organisations working in isolation. The first group of chief executives that took part have delivered outstanding local results and they have told us that the experience has fundamentally changed their perspective on change and enhanced their confidence to deliver it.  It has also led to significant improvements in the delivery of patient care.