Widgets are online pieces of code which can be added to any website or blog. Widgets can range from displaying a video, mini-games, applications which interact with user input (e.g. BMI calculators) and condensed information displays (e.g. the weather). Widgets are often called apps, and apps called widgets. A distinction is that Widgets are often open source and can be embedded or changed in any website or blog. 


•    myhealthfinder and Be Active Your Way Widgets
•    US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Widgets

Benefits and advantages

  • Easily added to any website or blog without requiring programming skills
  • They can be fun and engaging
  • Some can add functionality to websites
  • Able to present health news in condensed user targeted format enhancing the functionality of websites
  • Can be used to present data in an interactive way which enables people to input details anonymously and receive information
  • Can enable individuals keep up to date with latest health information and emergency updates.

Risks and disadvantages

  • Might be seen as spam-like or too commercial