Online surveys and quizzes


A survey or quiz hosted online requires participants to take part by accessing a website which features the survey test or quiz. This web address can be sent out via email or text message or featured as a website link. Free or inexpensive software is available to allow set up of simple surveys quickly and cost effectively and to gather and make use of the data electronically.


  • Surveys can be used to find out more about staff opinion on specific issues such as the RCN Foundation Trust online survey
  • Surveys are currently used by the NHS to find out patient opinion on a national scale, there is potential for more localised online surveys
  • An example of a long term exercise survey being used for research in the USA
  • Quizzes can be used to raise awareness and educate participants about a variety of health issues such as healthy eating. The online method could be particularly useful for targeting subjects seen as embarrassing such as this example from a sexual health clinic based in Newcastle.
  • Patients or public can independently set up surveys online to get feedback on opinion of specific services or of health related issues
  • Self assessment style quizzes can help flag up areas of concern such as this example focusing on stress
  • Quizzes can be used to help drive home learning for staff such as this simple example aimed at doctors involved in recruitment
  • Benefits and advantages

  • Instant automated feedback provides responsiveness
  • Simple free or cheap survey or quiz production options are available online
  • Convenience of online access may increase response rates
  • Simple interactive way of assisting information provision and education
  • Anonymity may help to increase veracity of survey results

    Risks and disadvantages

  • Questionnaires and surveys must be well designed or the results will be flawed
  • The user profile of the internet will affect who can be reached with an online survey rather than postal, phone or face to face approaches




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