Online collaborative technology(social networking)


Online collaborative technology is a combination of emailing, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, and project management. A single conversation (can contain documents, videos pictures etc) can be sustained and developed, operating both as an instant messaging service, emails and threaded conversations (i.e. topic clusters)


Benefits and advantages

  • Enables people to participate in a single document by adding their thoughts, pictures, videos files etc.
  • It operates in real-time, meaning it updates as and when users make changes.
  • “Playback” allows users to see what the previous version of the document look like before changes.

Risks and disadvantages

  • Complicated to use – excludes technically unaware persons
  • Requires that persons are invited individually
  • The formatting within the shared documents is rather basic, printing documents can be a challenge
  • These technologies are still in the developmental stages