“Mashups” (or Application Hybrid) is the general name for web tools which combine two or more data sources (from different sites). The aim of a mash up is to integrate different types of online content to result in a new product or service. Quite often this will involve mapping web activity from one site (e.g. twitter) by geography on another (e.g. Google maps)


  • WikipediaVision a visualisation of some of the changes being made to Wikipedia in real time
  • Medic-Kit and other mash-ups to contribute to patient centred health

Benefits and advantages

  • Might be used to create interactive local maps of health centre locations with health data overlay
  • Might be used to monitor which areas have individuals flagging particular health related issues

Risks and disadvantages

  • Mashups are new and have not yet been used in the public engagement context
  • Too much information can be displayed
  • Require specialist technical skills to set up