VoIP telephony


Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a way of enabling voice conversations over the internet or any IP network. Internet telephony is a popular use of VoIP and can be used to save costs on phonecalls by routing those calls over broadband internet instead of the phone network. A fuller explanation can be found here and the Wikipedia definition here.


  • Cost savings can be made by making calls  across the internet  using systems such as  Skype
  • The NHS is developing its own system
  • Whilst making calls over the internet, additional information can easily be browsed simultaneously

Benefits and advantages

  • Cost savings for the NHS using its own system
  • Can integrate video calls or data transfer as well as voice over IP
  • Patients and public contacting the NHS via VoIP could see cost savings

Risks and disadvantages

  • Technology barriers- initially staff will need training on usage
  • Quality of call may not always be as good as landlines
  • Data security issues
  • A fast broadband connection is required for effective usage


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