Connected mass deliberation


Large numbers of people are linked together simultaneously to make input into decision making and policy. A combination of face to face methods and technologies including wireless voting, television and networked computer systems help people to deliberate and feed back effectively.


  • California Speaks deliberative healthcare event took place in eight separate locations across the state of California in the USA.
  • Your Health Your Care Your Say Citizens’ Summit took place in Birmingham as part of a larger consultation process, and was broadcast live on the web.

Benefits and advantages

  •  Has the potential to engage with people on a very large scale, regionwide or countrywide
  • Can ensure a representational cross section of the community take part

Risks and disadvantages

  • Need to ensure that the event itself is also followed up effectively
  • Expensive to set up
  • Involves a great deal of organisation and planning




Armchair Involvement Guide 2009 

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