Blogs are a type of interactive website. They feature short write-ups of information, pictures and videos which readers can then easily leave comments on.  A blog can be written by a single person, or by a group of authors who all contribute their own articles to the same page.

There are a number of free blogging platforms available to get you started such as wordpress and blogger, for more features you pay a small subscription.

Benefits and advantages

  • Quick and easy to set up and maintain compared to a full blown website
  • Good for connecting across the web with a variety of target groups
  • Useful for getting feedback on ideas through comments readers can leave on the site
  • Can be used by many authors as a group blog, to create a community of writers on a single subject

Risks and disadvantages

  • Consider how you will deal with comment monitoring, and whose responsibility it will be
  • A successful blog will not make itself – it needs regular and ongoing input and linkage to other blogs, this is a task that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly
  • There are various ways of boosting your readership, it is worth finding out more about technorati, tagging, and other techniques



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