Here is a list of principles to bear in mind when planning your armchair involvement project. For more principles and recommendations see project background and research

Technology alone is not the answer: Armchair Involvement is about participation and engagement first and foremost, the digital tools available are a supplement, not a substitute for face to face and more traditional communication methods.

Understand your participants first: Before beginning to choose tools, it is always best to know your participants’ preferred ways of engaging, and to involve them in the design process where possible

If you build it, they might not come! Go to where the people are – if you are going to run an online engagement project, for example a discussion forum, it is always best to see if people are already engaging in existing forums. That way you might not need to build your own

Look beyond healthcare for inspiration: There are lots of inspiring examples of engagement using a mixture of new and old technologies, whether in local government, campaigning or private sector customer services – open your eyes to new ideas that could work for healthcare

Evaluate and share your learning: Armchair Involvement is an emerging field so sharing your own experiences of trialling new technologies is very important. The Armchair site is here to help.



Armchair Involvement Guide 2009 

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