Past events

Breaking Through - History in the Making

(5th National Conference - Monday 20 October 2008)

Plenary session presentations

rohit_talwar_stepping_into_the_future.pdf Stepping into the future - Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future (1.24 MB)

yvonne_coghill.pdf Yvonne Coghill, National Programme Lead - Breaking Through,  NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (436.84 KB)

Workshop session presentations

Barriers to BME professionals Barriers to BME professionals making it to board level - the research - Yvonne Coghill, Usman Khan, Andrew Beale (161.18 KB)

We all know there are barriers to people from Black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds making it to senior levels in organisations. The NHS isn’t unique or alone in having few senior executives from BME backgrounds. A study commissioned by Breaking Through looked at the barriers to BME staff progression and have come up with recommendations that will make a difference to the way organisations view this issue. The workshop will highlight the findings from the study and encourage participants to come up ideas as to how the NHS can utilise the skills of its entire workforce for the benefit of patients and users of its services.  

BME networks BME networks - Grace Broderick, Brenda Queeley, Moira Port (133.88 KB)

Have you ever wanted to know about Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) networks?

  • really understand their purpose
  • appreciate their benefits
  • get tips on how to successfully establish and sustain them
  • recognise common pitfalls.

This workshop will be beneficial for both BME staff and managers wanting support to develop and sustain networks within organisations.

Breaking through programme Breaking through programme - Dr Ade Fowler, Jenny Yao, Billy Hatifani, Zakyeya Atcha, Dr Funmi Durodola, Rosna Mortruza (363.44 KB)

The purpose of this workshop is for delegates to learn more about various programmes supported by Breaking Through and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement - namely, Strategies for Success, the King's Fund Transformational Leadership, and the flagship Top Talent Programme 

Getting_the_most_out_of_Coaching.pdf Getting the most out of coaching, Paul Allen, Director - Leadership Development, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and Sue Mortlock, Associaate - Leadership, NHS Institute for Innnovation and Improvement (268.81 KB)

This practical session explores the individual and organisational benefits to be gained from coaching for learning, development and improving personal performance. It will consider the nature of coaching, the coaching relationship and factors to consider when choosing a coach. The session will be highly participative and of most benefit to those considering, or relatively new to coaching as a learning and development process. 

Leadership_in_the_nhs.pdf Leadership in the NHS and inclusion and diversity - John James, Programme Consultant for the NSR Leadership Workstream, Department of Health and Jim O'Connell, Director of Leadership for the Department of Health (253.23 KB)

Following a presentation on the Next Stage Review Leadership Workstream the workshop will consider the key issues surrounding Leadership Inclusion and Diversity in the NHS. This interactive session will consider how to address the barriers within the system as through to the benefits and impact of having leaders who reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Talent and leadership Talent and leadership: reflecting the communities we serve - Robert Cragg, Caroline Stanger (381.43 KB)

Within this workshop, two national pilot sites for talent management, will discuss the methods they have put in place to assess and develop talent in their respective regions. The session will equip delegates to understand the ‘essentials’ for a successful talent system, detailing the ‘talent criteria’ established to identify and grow the next generation of leaders, and will lastly discuss the ‘rules of the game’ for ensuring organisations share their talent fairly in the interests of the wider NHS.

thinking_diversely.pdf Thinking diversely, Kate Calder, Associate Director for Leadership and Talent Management for the NHS North West Leadership Academy and Shahnaz Ali, Associate Director of Equality and Diversity, NHS North West (260.57 KB)

As the largest employer in the country, and faced with a future labour market consisting of more than 50% school leavers from a BME population, the NHS needs not to be discussing what the problems are but tackling them head on to ensure the future workforce. This workshop will hand delegates some of the issues and facilitate an interactive session which will aim to come up with some solutions which need and must be delivered back in organisations in order to shift the workforce demographic towards a more representative workforce at all levels.

Journal.pdf The conference in pictures (2.29 MB)

This document was made by the cartoonist at the event who listened to what people where saying throughout the day and devised a 'journal' of key points etc., from the day.