Social movements

Social movements are being studied as a model for driving change within the NHS. This study has four main objectives:

  • to explore 'social movements' as a new way of thinking about large-scale systems change
  • to assess the potential contribution of applying this new perspective to NHS improvement
  • to enrich and extend NHS thinking in relation to large-scale, system-wide change
  • to begin to establish a research and evidence base to support the emergence of an improvement movement in the NHS.

'Towards a Million Change Agents' (nhs_social_movement.pdf 190.29 KB) reviews social movement literature with the above objectives.

The Power of One, The Power of Many - Bringing Social Movement Thinking to Health and Healthcare Improvement
This new guide provides knowledge on, and demonstrates how ‘social movement’ approaches have been used to deliver improvement at previously unseen levels and how it can contribute toward creating the levels of engagement as required by the goals as set out in the NHS Plan. For details of how to order please click here.
Helen Bevan on Social Movement Thinking.
New models for transforming the NHS
Building improvement capability
Patient and public involvement