Privacy and dignity

The elimination of mixed sex accommodation

Good practice guidance and self assessment checklist

This guidance outlines 11 key principles to support the achievement of good physical separation of the sexes in hospital accommodation. It includes a self-assessment checklist to help trusts identify issues that need to be addressed. The document builds on the recent Department of Health report ‘Privacy and Dignity – a report by the Chief Nursing Officer into mixed sex accommodation in hospitals’ (DoH 2007).

The guidance will help trusts to understand what is meant by compliance with single-sex accommodation definitions.

It will also provide evidence that can be used to:

  • improve performance at ward, site and trust levels
  • identify areas for celebration, and for improvement
  • inform patients and the public about available services
  • support trust declarations on compliance with Standards for Better Healthcare
  • support trusts to comply with the Equality Act 2006

The document provides general principles for all trusts to work towards and a section specifically highlighting additional issues for mental health trusts to consider. You will need to be logged in to download the complete guide (if you do not have a login please click on Create a Profile at the top of the page).

Download the complete guide from our catalogue - Privacy and Dignity: the elimination of mixed sex accommodation

mixed sex wards self assessment toolkit-acute trusts final-format.xls Download the self assessment checklist for acute trusts (845.50 KB) 

mixed sex wards self assessment toolkit-mental health trusts final-format2.xls Download the self assessment checklist for mental health trusts (863.50 KB)