Lean case studies

Lean thinking in Hereford

The service transformation team have been working at Hereford Hospitals NHS trust helping the pathology and pharmacy departments to improve turnaround times and eliminate waste, using 'lean' principles.

Typically, staff are briefed on Lean - this takes usually 1/1.5 hours. At the end of this Lean thinking presentation staff are given two to three days to complete waste identification forms. After this improvements are collated, prioritised and the team agrees which improvements will be done. An implementation plan is then produced, detailing who is doing what and when. Improvements are done quickly, in days. This is just one approach we use when staff can’t commit to participating in four day rapid improvement events.

The team have produced pathology and pharmacy waste identification forms to help get started. The forms can be used by other departments simply by changing the headings and examples:

Learning to see the whole patient journey (Learning to see the whole patient journey 611.14 KB) - A case study of Hereford Hopsital of their '5 day' lean improvement project focused upon the patient journey.

Reducing turn around times pathology (Reducing turn around times pathology 373.26 KB) - A second case study of Hereford Hopistal and their lean improvement project focused upon the hospital's pathology unit.

Identifying waste ( identifying waste form.doc 54.50 KB) - The form used by Hereford Hospital to drive improvements within the pathology department



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