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Emergency and Urgent care for Children and Young People

To access the Programme Overview, including the Focus On: Emergency and Urgent Care for Children and Young People document, please click here.


Sheila Shribman, National Director for Children, Young People & Maternity Services ‘Children and young people in England require high quality emergency and urgent care when they are ill or injured. Prompt access to face to face consultation with a skilled competent and confident professional is expected by all families'

The team focussing on Emergency and Urgent Care for Children and Young People (CYP) are working with health systems to improve the quality and value of care provided. They are taking a whole system approach to transforming care pathways and processes.

There are 10 systems currently working on this programme, one from each of the SHA regions. For a list of participating organisations please click here.

Each of these sites has also tested a school lesson plan to engage children and young people in their local health services.  This has been done in partnership with the Local Authorities.  This product is being rolled out through the existing curriculum.


Sites have:

1. Created whole system CYP networks (Emergency and Urgent care)

2. Explored delivery of high quality care closer to home preventing admission whenever it is    clinically safe to do so e.g. development of community nursing services to meet the needs of the acutely unwell child within their own home.

3. Created evidence based whole system, high volume pathways

4. Engaged with CYP and families/carers regarding appropriate use of services

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Key ingredients identified for success so far:

  • PCT Commissioner engagement and support (support at Chief Executive Level)
  • Independence of NHS Institute providing high level feedback on the system helps to validate concerns and pull together the local teams to work to find joint solutions
  • Clinical leaders across departments dedicated the time to work as a Whole System
  • Project management support and improvement expertise to assist with pulling the local team together across organisational boundaries

Best practice case study films

To view professionals sharing their experiences please click here.

To view a Rapid Improvement event where over 60 professionals from across NHS Luton joined together to review current practice and to encourage the development of new ways of working click here.


Copies of presentations from previous events the team has held can be viewed by clicking here.  

Involving Users (Children and Young People) - Innovative Best Practice Ideas

A number of practical and simple ideas that can be adapted by others have sprung from the participating rapid improvement sites in tackling their emergency and urgent care challenges.  Engaging children's views can be seen as challenging, yet they have much to contribute.  We have ovserved a link between good engagement of children and how child-centred the local services provided are.

The ideas that have been tested out are listed below:

Please click on the links above to read more about each of these.   

Site visits

Teams participating in the programme have visited Homerton NHS Foundation Trust, East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust & Smith Down Walk in Centre for Children (all are case studies in the Focus on document).  They have also visited the Wirral (Arrowe Park Hospital) to see their integrated Children's Emergency and Paediatric Assessment Unit in action. Click here to see the photos.

Sharing Resources

Networking is one of the key aims of the Children and Young People’s Emergency and Urgent Care Programme across England. The resources in this section have been developed by our collaborating sites and are displayed here so that other health systems/teams can share and learn from their ideas. Please feel free to use and adapt the ideas liberally.

Contact details for our ten participating sites are available for download in the PDF below:Project contacts for participating CYP sites Project contacts for participating CYP sites (104.21 KB)

Many of the participating sites are using the 'Spotting the Sick Child' interactive tool commissioned by the Department of Health to support health professionals in the assessment of the acutely sick child.  Further details can be obtained at www.spottingthesickchild.com.


Dr Venkat Reddy, Consultant Paediatrician venkat.reddy@institute.nhs.uk*

Christine McDermott, Clinical Pathway Improvement Facilitator  christine.mcdermott@institute.nhs.uk*

Kath Evans, Clinical Pathway Improvement Facilitator

* Please note that the NHS Institute is an innovation and improvement organisation and is unable to give medical advice to patients or their carers