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October 2010: please note the ' current position on recruitment' paragraph below. Any changes to that situation will be published here on our website, but at the moment we are unable to recruit participants for 2010/2011.

Gateway to Leadership is an important part of the NHS drive towards creating a world-class health service. The programme is a source of new talent from the private, other public sectors and third sectors, designed specifically to take the best senior management talent and enable them to progress to the highest levels within the NHS. It is recognised that the NHS needs to widen its managerial skills base at senior levels, taking the skills and experiences of senior leaders outside of the NHS to complement the strengths of our existing NHS management teams.

The programme was first launched in 2002, and relaunched in 2007.  We have had seven cohorts of recruits since the programme began.  So far, more than 200 senior managers have joined the NHS via this route.  Gateway to Leadership is fully endorsed by Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS. Gateway participants are recognised as being very able managers, an asset to their organisations and the reputation of the programme is growing year on year.

Chief Executive supporting quotes Chief Executive supporting quotes

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Current position on recruitment

The recent marketing and recruitment constraints applied by the Department of Health (following publication of the recent White Paper, 'Liberating the NHS') mean that we are awaiting ministerial approval to proceed with our programmes. 

The Gateway to Leadership programme relies on NHS Chief Executives and Directors to identify key posts in their organisations for the employment of Gateway participants on permanent contracts.  We have been supporting PCTs by providing them with participants who have the skills to work at a senior level in commissioning. Organisations wanting to know more about current Gateway participants or our alumni can contact or telephone 0207 2710303. Claire Maguire, Programme Lead or Theresa Lang, Programme Coodinator will be happy to answer any queries.

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