Report of the review of arm's length bodies

The report of the arm’s length bodies review was published by the Department of Health on 26 July.  You may be aware that the document recommends that the NHS Institute ceases to be an arm’s length body (ALB) by April 2012 and says that the Department will engage with us to explore options for taking forward work with the NHS through alternative commercial delivery models.

Having reviewed the report, we believe that the nature of the NHS Institute’s work is such that it does not fall within the new, more narrow, definition of ALBs outlined within it. We are, therefore, encouraged that there is the prospect of a future for our work outside the ALB sector under a different organisational form and will engage actively and positively in discussions with the Department of Health as soon as possible about the various options open to us.  We have already done a lot of work to explore alternative models for delivery, so this will not be new territory for us.

We are very proud of the work we have done in co-production with the NHS over the last five years and of the contribution that our programmes have made to increasing productivity and efficiency whilst improving the quality of care for patients.  We believe that there is still much work to do and that the need within the service for our work is greater now than ever. We are positive that we can, under a new organisational form, continue to make a significant contribution to the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) agenda and the £15-20bn of efficiency savings that are required over the next four years.

The NHS Institute