Class 5: Our policies and procedures
Policies and procedure HR and recruitment and employment

Alcohol and Drug Misuse Policy Alcohol and Drug Misuse Policy (148.06 KB)

Annual Leave Policy and Procedure Annual Leave Policy and Procedure (247.52 KB) 

Bullying and Harassment Policy Bullying and Harassment Policy (145.33 KB) 

Business Expenses Policy Business Expenses Policy (344.41 KB) 

Childcare Policy Childcare Policy (120.94 KB) 

Disciplinary Policy Disciplinary Policy (93.27 KB) 

Employment of People with Disabilities Employment of People with Disabilities (111.48 KB) 

Equality and Diversity Policy Equality and Diversity Policy (112.10 KB) 

Expert Witness Policy Expert Witness Policy (80.53 KB) 

Facilitating and Supporting Flexible Working Facilitating and Supporting Flexible Working (155.91 KB) 

Gifts, Hospitality and Commercial Sponsorship Policy - Ensuring High Standards of Business Conduct Gifts, Hospitality and Commercial Sponsorship Policy - Ensuring High Standards of Business Conduct (181.07 KB) 

Green Transport Policy Green Transport Policy (86.04 KB) 

Grievance Policy Grievance Policy (95.87 KB) 

Long Service and Retirement Awards Policy Long Service and Retirement Awards Policy (127.94 KB) 

Managing Violence and Aggression in the Workplace Managing Violence and Aggression in the Workplace (107.08 KB) 

Maternity Policy Maternity Policy (273.07 KB) 

NHSI HS Policy 2007 NHSI HS Policy 2007 (204.22 KB) 

No Smoking Policy No Smoking Policy (95.80 KB) 

Organisational Change and Redundancy Policy Organisational Change and Redundancy Policy (166.86 KB) 

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and Criminal Record Bureau Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and Criminal Record Bureau (125.57 KB) 

Relocation Expenses Policy Relocation Expenses Policy (163.42 KB) 

Restricted Honours Policy and Procedure for Honour Nominations Restricted Honours Policy and Procedure for Honour Nominations (84.46 KB) 

Retirement Policy Retirement Policy (148.85 KB) 

Sickness Policy (Managing Attendance) Sickness Policy (Managing Attendance) (313.10 KB) 

Special Leave Policy Special Leave Policy (145.07 KB) 

Stress Prevention and Ensuring Staff Wellbeing Stress Prevention and Ensuring Staff Wellbeing (175.17 KB) 

 Use of Mobile Phones Whilst Driving Use of Mobile Phones Whilst Driving (191.85 KB)

Whistleblowing Policy Whistleblowing Policy (105.92 KB) 

Working in Partnership Working in Partnership (110.46 KB) 

Working Time Regulations Working Time Regulations (102.78 KB) 

Standing financial instructions and standing orders

Complaints procedure

Data protection and information governance

  • Data protection and information governance policies

Data Protection Policy Data Protection policy (129.31 KB)

Forensic Readiness policy Forensic Readiness policy (109.15 KB)

ICT Systems Security and Acceptable Use policy ICT Systems-Security and Acceptable Use policy (168.91 KB)

Information Assett Management policy Information Assett Management policy (125.41 KB) 

Information Governance policy and strategy Information Governance policy and strategy (124.31 KB) 

Information Quality Assurance policy Information (Quality) Assurance policy (141.44 KB) 

Information Risk Management policy Information Risk Management policy (102.02 KB) 

Information Security and Confidentiality policy Information Security and Confidentiality policy (182.52 KB) 

Internet Intranet and Email Use policy Internet-Intranet and Email Use policy (177.12 KB) 

Password policy Password policy (109.94 KB) 

  • Policy for review and maintenance of the publication scheme (this policy will be available here in the near future)

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