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This page provides access to the Database of Landscape Character Assessments (LCAs) in England. Click here if you wish to add or update a record, or continue if you want to search the database.

This website has been set up to provide an ongoing record of LCA information. It is designed to be updated and maintained by the LCA community as a valuable resource for use in landscape planning and policy, development control, sensitivity and capacity studies, biodiversity action planning, urban design and targeting agri-environment schemes, amongst other applications. The project has been funded by the Countryside Agency and work has been undertaken by Countryscape, in partnership with Diacono Associates and the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield.

This section contains both map and text-based search facilities, allowing you to explore the extent of LCA coverage across the whole of England. Please conduct your search either by Local Authority or Countryside Character Area, choosing from the options below.

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Click on the image to search via the interactive map

To search for Landscape Character Assessments by either Local Authority area name, or Countryside Character Area name, please click on a region for your search.