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Landscape Character and Forestry

This page contains links to useful resources, on the LCN site and elsewhere, relating to the application of Landscape Character Assessment in Forestry

  • Report of Landscape Character/Forestry Seminar Worcester, June 17th 2004 pdf (0.25 MB)
    This event looked at the linkage between landscape character, and tree and woodland cover. The report includes text from the background presentations and the key findings from the afternoon workshop sessions. The author is Chris Bray of Worcestershire County Council.
  • Forestry Commission ELC Action Plan 2010-2015 pdf (0.3MB)
    Through this ELC action plan the Forestry Commission will have a better idea how well woodland landscapes are planned and protected on the land it manages on behalf of the public. The plan will also establish what needs to be done to improve policies, guidance and standards as well as improving practical knowledge and skills across the whole forestry sector. The plan aims to make sure that the role of trees in our important environmental and cultural landscapes are properly considered and that local people and communities are genuinely involved in decisions.

    Click here to download ELC Action Plans for other organisations