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LCA Application Case Study Sheets

This page contains an ongoing series of case studies of Landscape Character Assessment in application. The studies draw on a wide variety of projects in England to demonstrate the effective application of LCA, providing a growing picture of best practice in a format that is easy to use and understand. More case studies will be added to this section in the future.

The case studies are in Adobe PDF format. Click here to obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you have been involved with a project which applies LCA that you would like to put forward for inclusion in this ongoing series of LCA Case Study sheets, please contact the LCN Co-ordinator:
e:coordinator [at] landscapecharacter [dot] org [dot] uk

  • An Integrated Rural Development Programme in the Forest of Dean pdf (1.5MB)
    The Countryside Agency is using LCA as a tool for strategy and policy making in this unique and special landscape, as part of a pilot Integrated Rural Development Programme that aims to protect landscape and heritage while stimulating economic and community regeneration.
  • Local Management Zone Strategies for the Great North Forest pdf(1.5MB) 
    LCA has been used to identify 31 Local Management Zones within the Great North Forest, and strategies have been produced which show how the zones should respond to landscape in term of biodiversity, woodland creation, access and other opportunities.
  • Management Plan for the Wye Valley pdf (1.5MB)
    The AONB Management Plan for the Wye Valley uses LCA to monitor the impact that changes may have on this highly valued lowland landscape, so that mitigation and action can be targeted to conserve or enhance the AONB’s natural beauty and biodiversity.
  • Planning to Maintain the Diversity of Derbyshire Landscapes pdf (1.5MB)
    Derbyshire County Council, supported by the Countryside Agency,is using LCA to develop planning policies that are responsive to the characteristics of all the landscapes in this diverse county.
  • The Oxfordshire Wildlife and Landscape study pdf (1.5MB)
    The Oxfordshire Wildlife and Landscape Study set out to undertake a LCA and Biodiversity Appraisal of the county and investigate the relationships between them, establishing a GIS database as part of a framework for informing strategic decision making.
  • Stratford Town's Urban Edge: A Pilot Study pdf (1.5MB)
    The Stratford Town’s Urban Edge study was a sensitivity analysis involving an assessment of the character of the landscape around the town, the results of which have been used as the basis for policies and proposals that provide a framework for protecting landscape quality around the town and the character of the urban area itself.
  • From Special Landscape to Landscape Character pdf (1.8 MB)
    A Countryside Agency pilot project to translate the principles of the Derbyshire LCA into detailed and practical development plan policies, suitable for incorporation within the High Peak Local Development Framework as a Supplementary Planning Document.
  • Stepping Stones Green Wedge Management Plan pdf (1.9 MB)
    In Leicestershire the countryside around urban areas is influenced by a variety of pressures, both urban and rural. Since 1992 this rural urban fringe landscape has been managed for both human and biodiversity benefits through the Stepping Stones Countryside Management Project.
  • The Durham Landscape - a GIS Interface pdf (1.9 MB)
    Durham County Council has created an online GIS interface which provides access to their LCA and Landscape Strategy. The resource is engaging and accessible to a variety of users ranging from developers and land managers to members of the local community.
  • St Helens Green Infrastructure Project pdf (1.4 MB)
    A Countryside Agency pilot project led by the Mersey Forest which aimed to translate the principles of the Countryside Agency and Groundwork’s vision for ‘The Countryside in and Around Towns’ into a practical green infrastructure approach for urban fringe planning and management.
  • Warwickshire Tree Scheme pdf (1.4 MB)
    The Warwickshire Tree Scheme works to encourage native tree planting and hedge planting where appropriate in the countryside across Warwickshire. The scheme uses the Warwickshire Landscape Guidelines, an early and influential LCA, to inform and direct new planting schemes.
  • Criteria-based landscape policies and guidance in Local Development Documents: An approach in West Sussex pdf (1.4 MB)
    A Countryside Agency pilot project, led by West Sussex County Council, to explore how LCA and other techniques can inform criteria-based planning policies and guidance in Local Development Documents, integrating development planning with conservation and land management within the new local planning system.