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Landscape Character Assessment Topic Papers

To further the application and use of Landscape Character Assessment in England and Scotland, a series of Topic Papers is being prepared to accompany the main LCA guidance. Below is a list of existing and forthcoming papers in this series.

The Topic Papers are in Adobe PDF format. Click here to obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

There is also a webpage containing a key point summary for each paper.

  • Topic Paper 1 - Recent Practice and the evolution of Landscape Character Assessment
    An explanation on the development of LCA, together with details of national approaches and other recent initiatives.
    Download Topic Paper 1 pdf (1.1MB)
    View Topic Paper 1 summary
  • TopicPaper 2 - Links to other sustainability tools
    How LCA can inform a range of other sustainability tools to inform decisions on conservation and enhancement of landscape character.
    Download Topic Paper 2 pdf (671kB)
    View Topic Paper 2 summary
  • Topic Paper 3 - Landscape Character Assessment - how stakeholders can help
    An explanation of the nature of stakeholder involvement, methods of engagement and pointers to good practice.
    Download Topic Paper 3 pdf (566kB)
    View Topic Paper 3 summary
  • Topic Paper 4 - Use of GIS and other computer methods
    An introduction to the use of GIS and other computer methods in Landscape Character Assessment including examples of good practice.
    Download Topic Paper4 pdf (701kB)
    View Topic Paper 4 summary
  • Topic Paper 5 - Understanding Historic Landscape Character
    Explores the relationship between Landscape Character Assessment nd Historic Landscape Characterisation/ Historic Land-use Assessment
    Download Topic Paper 5 pdf (3MB)
    View Topic Paper 5 summary
  • Topic Paper 6 - Techniques and criteria for judging capacity and sensitivity
    This discussion paper explores current thinking and recent practice on judging capacity and sensitivity
    Download Topic Paper 6 pdf (1.6MB)
    View Topic Paper 6 summary
  • Topic Paper 7 - Development and new landscape character
    (Note - Still in development. title may change.)
    This paper will broadly explore the role of LCA as a positive tool for setting visions and principles for sustainable development and new landscape character
  • Topic Paper 9 - Climate change and natural forces - the consequences for landscape character
    This paper outlines how LCA can be used as a tool for responding to potential climate change effects on landscape character.
    Download Topic Paper 9 pdf (351kB)
    View Topic Paper 9 summary

Note:The proposed Topic Paper 8 - Wind Energy and LCA will no longer be published. The Countryside Agency Landscape, Access and Recreation division will be publishing guidance on reneawable energy in 2006. The Positive Planning pages on the Countryside Agency Landscape, Access and Recreation division's website contains their response to the Goverment's draft Planning Policy Statement 22 - Renewable Energy pdf. (183kB)