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Tourism and Landscape Conference

Monday, 22 November 2010 - Wednesday, 24 November 2010
A conference organised by NECSTouR, RECEP-ENELC and Region Västra Götaland, at Gothenburg Consert Hall, Gothenburg, Sweden.

What does a landscape mean for tourism and what does tourism mean for a landscape?

The landscape has always been one of the tourism industry’s most important resources in attracting new visitors. But what has been done in spatial planning to support the sustainable use of landscape as a resource for tourism? What role does tourism play in the development and conservation of a landscape?

What kind of landscape planning is needed for tourism? What are the challenges?
Tourists are attracted to beautiful landscapes where they can both enjoy the nature and get a taste of the lives of the local people. The landscape sets the stage for a great tourism experience. A landscape is in constant change. It gets affected by climate change, urbanisation, infrastructure and alternative energy. All these changes can be positive or negative for tourists when they experience the landscape. All future changes can create new opportunities. However, to have a positive outcome it is important to have a clear understanding of the complexity of a landscape. That understanding is essential in making wise decisions to create a sustainable tourism industry that can bloom in a well-planned landscape.

During the conference the following will be discussed:

  • Strategic landscape planning that involves tourism
  • Biospheres – a meeting point between the tourism industry and sustainable development
  • Roads and railway as an asset in a landscape
  • South Europe and North Europe – what different conditions do they face when planning for tourism?

This three day event is directed towards Tourism planners, Politicians and Officials, Spatial planners and members of ENELC and NECSTouR. Delegates are invited to attend all three days or to choose the days in which they wish to participate.

For more information contact one of the following:
tomas [dot] olsson [at] vgregion [dot] se (Cultural Affairs Secretariat)
anders [dot] axelsson [at] vgregion [dot] se (Cultural Affairs Secretariat)
anna [dot] martinez [at] vastsverige [dot] com (West Sweden Tourist Board)