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The Landscapes of the Periphery

Thursday, 11 November 2010 - Friday, 12 November 2010
Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and RECEP-ENELC seminar, in Olot, Spain.
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Suburbs are like fringes, cross-over areas between different geographical realities and landscape layouts. They are not only the (often unexpected and undesirable) result of a centre that grows and needs to expand wherever and however. Suburbs are more than just the outer perimeter of a centre: they are also (especially) a border between different territorial realities and play an increasingly important role. More often than not, these peripheral areas offer disordered and unfinished landscapes with negative connotations for the population.

This fact, as affirmed in the European Landscape Convention, has repercussions on society's wellbeing since quality of life is directly related to landscape quality. To understand their logic and idiosyncrasies, different highly varied perspectives are needed: from art to literature, from music to films, from photography to architecture, from geography to sociology and from urban planning to ecology.

Based on this multidisciplinary perspective, the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, in collaboration with RECEP-ENELC, the European Network of Local and Regional Authorities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention , is organising an international seminar called Fringes. The goal of this seminar is to propose new management and intervention methods along with new landscape references and alternative interpretations to the hegemonic and habitual ones.