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Natural England's Position Statement on Landscape

Natural England have set out the environmental implications of specific aspects of national public policy in their positions on key areas and in their position statements. Natural England has published its high level position statement on landscape. The position statement outlines Natural England's position on landscape and describes what Natural England want to see happen. It is based on full positions which have been approved by the Board.

Natural England's Full Positions

The Natural England Position Statement on Landscape and Position documents will set the scene for Natural England’s landscape work, in the new financial year and for the years ahead.


Scottish Natural Heritage's Policy on Landscape

In December 2005, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) released its Landscape Policy Framework. Although produced before the UK signed the European Landscape Convention the report highlights the importance of the role of landscapes and the duty of care towards them, and the need to increase awareness and appropriate management.

SNH's Landscape Policy Framework can be downloaded from SNH's Policy Statement webpage.