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Access Keys

Access keys have been built into this website to assist users with disabilities. These are essentially keyboard shortcuts that give users quick and easy access to particular web pages.

  • Windows-based computers: pressing ‘ALT’ and the access key will highlight a specific link on the page. If you press ‘return’, you will then activate the link and be taken to the page it relates to. Firefox uses will need to press 'SHIFT' together with the 'ALT' key.
  • Macintosh-based computers: pressing ‘CTRL’ and the access key will automatically take you to that specific page.
  • Opera uses on either operating system will need to press 'SHIFT'+'ESC' before pressing the access key.

The UK Government stanbdard access keys used on this website are:

S for Skip Navigation
0 for Accessibility Page
1 for Home
3 for Site Map

Text Size

It is possible to re-size the text on this website by:

  • Pressing the ‘CTRL’ key and moving your mouse wheel up and down (Windows-based computers only).

Page Style

Select one of the styles below to change the colour scheme of the site. Note this option requries that cookies are enabled on your computer. If you do not see a change in style after clicking on the link please refresh your browser as it means the previous values have been cached.

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