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England’s National Parks and the European Landscape Convention

England's National Parks and the ELC Front Cover

    The European Landscape Convention (ELC) focus on landscape protection, management and planning is mirrored in the policies and strategies that guide decision making by National Park Authorities. Increasingly, landscape is being used as an integrating mechanism to bring together the wide ranging concerns that must be reconciled: such as nature conservation; heritage; recreation; and development. Looking at whole landscapes rather than working to traditional administrative boundaries can bring many benefits – landscape is a concept that relates to people’s understanding of an area, and often provides a close fit with natural systems such as water catchments.The ELC focus on communicating simply and clearly the importance of landscape is also welcome, and National Park Authorities recognise that learning about landscapes can increase the value and enjoyment that they bring to children and adults alike.

    This leaflet, produced by the English National Park Authorities Association, provides case studies to show some of the ways in which National Park Authorities are working with and through the landscape to achieve their aims and purposes. These projects and strategies very much chime with the intent and purposes of the ELC. A PDF of the leaflet can be downloaded below.

  • England’s National Parks and the European Landscape Convention pdf (3.25MB)