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Better information for your journey

The National Traffic Control Centre collects real-time information on road conditions.

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The Project Control Framework

On 1st April 2008 we launched the Project Control Framework. The Framework sets out how we, together with the Department for Transport, manage and deliver major improvement projects.

Free Traffic Information Seminars

Helping your business get its customers, drivers and goods where they should be, on time and stress-free.

Capability Assessment Toolkit 3

Introducing new and challenging indicators in the area of corporate social responsibility.

Efficiency Gains from Collaborative Roads Procurement

Delivering efficiency and best value is central

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Eurocode project

Eurocode Implementation - Last Updated February 2010


This website hosts information on the Highways Agency's involvement in the implementation of Eurocodes and the work that is being done to prepare for the use of Eurocodes in the design of highway bridges and structures in the UK.

In view of the critical time ahead for the implementation of Eurocodes, the Agency intends to update this website regularly, giving the latest news on the Agency's plan and programme for the implementation.

Please Note: The Highways Agency and its consultants do not accept any liability for any inaccuracies/errors in the information provided on these pages.