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Listen to the Charity Commission Website with Browsealoud

Visitors to the Charity Commission website may listen to the content by using Browsealoud. Browsealoud is a free tool which is used to speech enable a website. It may assist the following:

  • People with low literacy and reading skills
  • People for whom English is not their first language
  • People with dyslexia
  • People with a mild visual impairment

To read more about Browsealoud visit the website at or alternatively follow the instructions below to install the software.

Browsealoud Installation

For full details on how to install Browsealoud please visit the instructions page on the Browsealoud website. Once you are ready to download the free software please click the image below or visit the download section of the Browsealoud website.

Download BrowseAloud

Using Browsealoud

Once Browsealoud is installed you will see a circular icon in the system tray in the lower right section of the screen, as shown below.

Windows system tray showing Browsealoud icon

To access the main settings, either

  • Double click the Browsealoud icon
  • Right click the Browsealoud icon, then left click OPEN BROWSEALOUD SETTINGS
  • Hold down CTRL + WINDOWS LOGO + TAB to toggle to the System Tray, use the right arrow to select the Browsealoud icon, then press RETURN.

The main settings will appear, as shown below.

Browsealoud settings

By moving through the appropriate tabs within the main settings box, elements such as speech, pronunication, updates etc can be altered to suit individual requirements and taste.

Uninstalling Browsealoud

Should you wish to uninstall Browsealoud, full instructions are available on how to do this from the uninstall section of the Browsealoud website.

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