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Submit Annual Return/Accounts

More and more charities are now using our secure online service to submit their Annual Returns and accounts.

loginto complete your Annual Return and/or submit your TAR and accounts.

You must have the charity’s unique password to use the online service. If you do not have this or need a new one, you can easily order another password.

Your new password will be emailed if we have an email address for the Commission to use for the charity. Otherwise, it will be posted to the charity contact and you should allow up to 7 days for receipt. Ordering a new password will immediately invalidate any previous password.

If your contact or email details are out of date, and you do not have a password or cannot access our online services, you can contact us to get them updated.

For security reasons, any change of contact or email details will be subject to a validation procedure. Any changes made to the details will normally be reflected on the charity’s web Register entry overnight.

If you are submitting your Trustees’ Annual Report and accounts, you can either attach them when you complete your Annual Return or you can send them separately. The submitted copy of the Trustees' Annual Report and accounts, and the report of the independent examiner or auditor, can be unsigned provided the trustees retain the signed original documents. However, accounts documents must be presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). If you haven’t already prepared them in this format, but you have access to a scanner, the scanning software may allow you to save scanned accounts as a PDF document. There are also various sources of software available on the internet to convert documents for you, many of them are free.

Some important features of the online system are:

  • it reminds you that your Annual Return is due and when your deadline is approaching it gives a daily countdown;
  • you can save, view and print a draft of the Annual Return form at any stage, so you can share information and verify it with trustees before submitting the final version;
  • submissions and updates to details will normally be reflected on the charity’s web Register entry overnight;
  • it is secure and messages or documents you submit cannot be tampered with;
  • we acknowledge by email every submission of forms, Trustees’ Annual Reports and accounts provided we have an email address for the Commission to use;
  • the system is available at a time to suit you.

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