Where we take enforcement action

We take enforcement action in a variety of ways.

This includes regulatory action taken during investigations into individual charities the results of which can be found by reading our published Inquiry and Regulatory Case Reports. You can also see when you look up a charity on the Register of Charities whether an Inquiry Report or Regulatory Case Report has been published about the charity in the last 6 months.

You can find out what action we have taken in using our powers to appoint interim managers to charities and the value of the assets safeguarded or protected. You can also see how many and which powers we have exercised in the last year in Charities Back on Track.

In dealing with charities that are in default of the submission of their annual accounts and returns we publish a list of these charities by postcode. You can also use the Register of Charities to see if a particular charity is in default or not.

Charities that fail to provide evidence of their activity and existence by submitting accounts, annual returns or annual updates may be referred to our Monitoring Unit for enforcement action or removed from the Register of Charities.

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