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Bloody Sunday Inquiry Website

Who's Who

Tribunal Members


Counsel to the Inquiry

Christopher Clarke QC
Alan Roxburgh
Cathryn McGahey
Bilal Rawat


Counsel for the Interested Parties

Instructed by

Party / Parties Represented

Arthur Harvey QCMadden & FinucaneDeceased
Barry MacDonald QC Gerald Donaghey
Seamus Treacy QC Jackie Duddy
Michael Lavery QC Hugh Gilmour
Karen Quinlivan Michael Kelly
Tom McCreanor Michael McDaid
Ciaran Harvey Kevin McElhinney
Brian McCartney Gerard McKinney
Fiona Doherty William McKinney
  John Young
  Alana Burke
  Patrick Campbell
  Margaret Deery
  Damien Donaghey
  Joseph Friel
  John Johnston
  Patrick McDaid
  Daniel McGowan
  Joseph Mahon
  Patrick O'Donnell
Lord Gifford QCMcCartney & CaseyJames Wray (deceased)
Richard Harvey  
Michael Mansfield QC *MacDermott & McGurkDaniel Gillespie (wounded)
Kieran Mallon Alexander Nash (wounded)
  William Nash (deceased)
Michael Mansfield QC *Desmond J Doherty & CoBernard McGuigan (deceased)
John Coyle  
Declan Morgan QCBrendan Kearney & CoMichael Bradley (wounded)
Brian Kennedy Michael Bridge (wounded)
Eilis McDermott QCBarr & CoPatrick Doherty (deceased)
Mary McHugh  
Eoin McGonigal SC ***McCann & McCannMichael Quinn (wounded)
Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC **Francis Keenan SolicitorsNICRA (Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association)
Paddy O’Hanlon  
P J McGrory **** Martin McGuinness
Edwin Glasgow QCTreasury Solicitor 1Military Witnesses
David Lloyd-Jones QC  
Peter Clarke QC  
Michael Bools  
David Bradly  
Sir Allan Green QCTreasury Solicitor 2Military Witnesses
Ian Leist  
Gerard Elias QCTreasury Solicitor 3Military Witnesses
Nicholas Moss  
Rosamund Horwood-Smart QCTreasury Solicitor 4Military Witnesses
* Instructed by both Desmond J Doherty & Co and MacDermott & McGurk
** Given Interested Party Status for Sector One only
*** Given Interested Party Status for Sector Four only
**** Given Limited Party Status


Bill ByattMinistry of Defence 
Jackie Merritt  
Amanda BaneIrish Government 
Catherine McKennaBritish Irish Rights Watch 


Expert Witnesses

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