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Becta is the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning.

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Becta's next steps

Next steps for Becta
7 July 2010
Announcement about the future of Becta
24 May 2010

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Future availability of publications from the Becta website
14 September 2010
Process for expressing interest in Becta's work
30 July 2010
Derek Wise CBE, Becta Board member, has sadly passed away.
24 June 2010
Becta appoints Home Access Assistive Technology equipment supplier
10 June 2010
ICT Services Framework One to continue
7 June 2010
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Safeguarding learners

Technology is empowering, but it has its risks too.

Schools, colleges,children's services and parents all play a role in helping children and young people to stay safe online.

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Improve your school with the self-review framework

Generator is the technology improvement leadership tool for further education and skills

Parental Engagement is about moving from an 'us and them' conversation between schools and families about students to an 'us together' conversation between all three partners.

Posted 25 February 2010 in the Parental engagement community.

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