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The Victoria Climbie inquiry report


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This is the official report of the independent inquiry into the events leading up to the death of Victoria Climbié, an eight year old child who died in hospital in February 2000 of injuries sustained after months of abuse.

The report by Lord Laming finds that the death represents a gross failure of the system of public agencies responsible for protecting vulnerable children from deliberate harm. It found that the failure was primarily due to 'widespread organisational malaise'.

The report contains 108 recommendations for fundamental changes to the way social care, healthcare and police child protection services are organised and managed at national and local level, in order to establish a clear line of accountability in the provision of services for vulnerable children and the support of families.

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    Audience: Lead Member for Children's Services, Local Authorities, People who work with children, Public, Social workers, Youth Service Pro
    Format:   Date issued: January 2003
    Function: Information  Reference: CM 5730

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    • Background
    • Social services
    • Health
    • The police
    • Learning from experience
    • The seminars
    • Recommendations
    • Annexes

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