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A new government was elected on the 11th May, therefore references to government policy on this site may not reflect current government policy.

The current contract for maintaining Multiverse has ended. However, the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), is currently looking at ways to keep practitioners in touch with research and best practice. We will update this site once more information is available.

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Welcome to Multiverse - a website for teacher educators and student teachers addressing the educational achievement of pupils from diverse backgrounds. All materials are quality assured through a rigorous process of academic scrutiny and monitoring undertaken by a team of expert teacher educators.  Please register to access the full range of resources available.

Diversity Scenarios: Multiverse has commissioned a series of twelve scenarios that typify a range of issues that student teachers/trainees have experienced as particular challenges during their training. They can be accessed here


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This document offers clear guidance on the planning and delivery of Religious Education to take account of new social imperatives and curriculum...
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