Types of account

There are three main types of Child Trust Fund (CTF) accounts:

Savings accounts

Accounts that invest in shares

Stakeholder account

Ethical accounts

Some people don’t like to invest money in businesses they don’t agree with, such as companies involved in arms, tobacco or alcohol. And some prefer to invest in companies that sell goods according to the rules of fair trade or that work to protect the environment.

All providers are required to publicise their policy about social, ethical and environmental investments, if they have one. So you may wish to ask providers about this when you are considering which account and provider to choose.

Shari'a accounts

Shari'a accounts are based on Islamic values, as defined by the principle of Shari'a law, and will not invest in areas such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling.

More about Investment

For general information about choosing an account you may also want to look at the Consumer Financial Education Body website.

Consumer Financial Education Body

If you would like to know more about types of investment there is information on the Investment Management Association's website you might find helpful.

The Investment Management Association's Guide for CTF


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