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Index of 2009 Judgments

Note: Judgments in devolution cases are separately listed at the end of this index.          


No. Case names Origin Date of Judgment
1. George Nicholas, Chairman of Mora Oil Ventures Limited v. (1) Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan (2) Krishna Persad (Appeal No. 77 of 2007) Trinidad & Tobago 12th January 2009
2. Guy Lebon (1) Claude Bonnenfant (2) v. Aqua Salt Co Limited (Appeal No.26 of 2007) Mauritius 04th February 2009
3. Sylvina Louisien v. Joachim Rodney Jacob (Appeal No.93 of 2007) Saint Lucia 09th February 2009
4. David Cullen Bain v. The Queen (Appeal No.9 of 2006) New Zealand

Reasons given the 08th December 2008

16th March 2009

5. Evanson Mitcham v. The Queen (Appeal No.44 of 2007) Saint Christopher & Nevis

Reasons given the 11th December 2008

16th March 2009

6. Doreen Rambharose v. Richard Bovell (Appeal No.30 of 2007) Trinidad & Tobago

Reasons given the 15th December 2008

24th February 2009

7. Haroon Rashid Elaheebocus v. The State of Mauritius (Appeal No.75 of 2007 Mauritius

25th February 2009

8. Fun World Co Ltd v. The Municipal Council of Quatre Bornes (Appeal No.46 of 2008) Mauritius 16th March 2009
9. National Insurance Corporation v. Winmark Limited (Appeal No.36 of 2008) Saint Lucia 16th March 2009
10. The Attorney General of Belize & Others v. Belize Telecom Limited & Others (Appeal No.19 of 2006) Belize 18th March 2009
11. Atain Takitota v. The Attorney General & Others (Appeal No.71 of 2007) The Bahamas 18th March 2009
12. Ronald John v. The State of Trinidad & Tobago (Appeal No.66 of 2007) Trinidad & Tobago 16th March 2009
13. Millicent Forbes v. The Attorney General of Jamaica (Appeal No.81 of 2007) Jamaica 19th March 2009
14. Lackston Robinson v. Daisy Coke & Others (Appeal No.49 of 2007) Jamaica 19th March 2009
15. (1) William Quinto (2) Jimmy Quinto v. Santiago Castillo Limited (Appeal No.27 of 2008) Belize 28th April 2009
16. National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited v. Olint Cor. Limited (Appeal No.61 of 2008) Jamaica

Reasons given the 26th January 2009

28th April 2009

17. (1) Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago Inc (2) Satnarayan Maharaj (3) Islamic Relief Centre Limited (4) Inshan Ishmael v. The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago (Appeal No.53 of 2008) Trinidad & Tobago 28th April 2009
18. Lennox Phillip also called Yasin Abu Bakr v. The Attorney General of Trinidad & Tobago (Appeal No.30 of 2008) Trinidad & Tobago 05th May 2009
19. (1) Cukurova Finance International Limited (2) Cukorova Holding AS v. Alfa Telecom Turkey Limited (Appeal No.60 of 2008) British Virgin Islands 05th May 2009
20. The General Legal Council v. Antonnette Haughton-Cardenas (Appeal No.45 of 2008) Jamaica 12th May 2009
21. Felicia Andrina George Administratrix of the Estate of Hughes Williams (Deceased) v. Eagle Air Services Limited (Appeal No.1 of 2007) Saint Lucia 12th May 2009
22. Wendal Swann v. Attorney General of the Turks & Caicos Islands (Appeal No.43 of 2008) The Turks & Caicos Islands 21st May 2009
23. Alistair Greene v. Half Moon Bay Hotel (Appeal No.9 of 2008) Antigua & Barbuda 02nd June 2009
24. Icebird Limited v. Alicia P.Winegardner (Appeal No.72 of 2007) The Bahamas 02nd June 2009
25. Daniel Dick Trimmingham v. The Queen (Appeal No.67 of 2007) St Vincent and the Grenadines 22nd June 2009
26. Edward Seaga v. Leslie Harper (Appeal No.90 of 2006) Jamaica 29th June 2009
27. John A. Gumbs v. Attorney General of Anguilla (Appeal No. 35 of 2008) Anguilla 07th July 2009
28. (1) Hayden Jackson (2) Addis Jackson (3) Altimont Jarrett v. The Queen (Appeal No.81 of 2008) Jamaica 07th July 2009
29. Vivion Scully, Morven Richardson v. Gerard Coley, Franklyn Brown v. Maria Teresa Perea, Gerald Gomez (The Trustees) v. Gillette Caribbean (Appeal No.51 of 2008)     Jamaica 08th July 2009
30. John Robert Barlow v. The Queen (Appeal No.32 of 2008)  New Zealand 08th July 2009
31. Edrick Greene v. (1) Ferosa Sookdeo (2) Beacan Insurance Company Limited (3) Errol Hassanali (4) Goodwill General Insurance Company Limited (Appeal No.64 of 2008) Trinidad & Tobago 14th July 2009
32. Julius Corbette v. National Commercial Bank of Dominica (Appeal No.41 of 2008) The Commonwealth of Dominica 14th July 2009
33. New Hampshire Insurance Company v. Magellan Reinsurance Company Limited (Appeal No.50 of 2008) The Turks & Caicos Islands 15th July 2009
34. Calyon (a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of France) v. (1) Irene Michailaidis (2) Jonathan Guy Anthony Phillips (3) Robert Andrew Harland (suing as Administrator of the Estate of Christo Michailidis) (Appeal No.55 of 2008) Gibraltar 23rd July 2009
35. Felicia Andrina George Administratrix of the Estate of Hughes Williams (Deceased) v. Eagle Air Services Limited (Appeal No.1 of 2007) Saint Lucia Assessment of Damages given the 15th July 2009

Her Majesty's Advocate v. John Murtagh (Appeal No.11 of 2009)

The High Court of Justiciary Scotland

03rd August 2009


The Honourable Patrick Manning & 17 Others v. Chandresh Sharma (Appeal No.22 of 2008)

Trinidad & Tobago

Reasons Given the 03rd August 2009


Judgments in Devolution Cases


No. Case names Origin Date of     Judgment


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