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Index of 2000 Judgments

Notes: (1) Judgments in devolution cases are separately listed at the end of this index.
          (2) Italics indicate that the judgment is an Advance copy, still subject to minor amendments.

No. Case Names Origin Date of judgment
1. Dr. Karikkassery Thomas Joseph Rajan v. The General Medical Council (Appeal No.18 of 1999) Medical Act 1983 19th January 2000
2. Kenneth Polinere and Others v. Lucy Felicien (Appeal No.38 of 1998) St Lucia 26th January 2000
3. Dr. Ram Pratap Saxena v. The General Medical Council (Appeal No.39 of 1999) Medical Act 1983 7th February 2000
4. Kenneth Kellar v. Stanley Williams (Appeal No.42 of 1998) Turks and Caicos Islands 7th February 2000
5. Alexander Von Starck v. The Queen (Appeal No.22 of 1999) Jamaica 28th February 2000
6. Justis Raham Smith v. The Queen (Appeal No.44 of 1999) Bermuda 28th February 2000
7. Baldeo G. Singh v. The Board of Inland Revenue (Appeal No.73 of 1998) Trinidad and Tobago 1st March 2000
8. Goinsamy Chinien v. Attorney General (Reasons for decision upon a petition for special leave to appeal) Mauritius 9th March 2000
9. Irvin Goldson and Devon McGlashan v. The Queen (Appeal No.64 of 1998) Jamaica 23rd March 2000
10. Angela Ramdeen v. The State (Reasons for decision upon a notice of motion) Trinidad and Tobago 23rd March 2000
11. Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica Inc. v. Herbert Broderick (Appeal No.68 of 1998) Jamaica March 2000
12. Teiko David Jamel Furbert and Sheldon Eugenio Franks v. The Queen (Appeal No.61 of 1998) Bermuda 23rd March 2000
13. Dr Alexandra Maria Idenburg v. General Medical Council (Appeal No.62 of 1999) Medical Act 1983 23rd March 2000
14. Gilrose Finance Limited v. Ellis Gould (Appeal No.16 of 1999) New Zealand 23rd March 2000
15. Dr. Mohinder Singh v. The General Medical Council (Appeal No.64 of 1999) Medical Act 1983 6th April 2000
16. Dr. Emmanuel Dibua Nwabueze v. General Medical Council (Appeal No.21 of 1999) Medical Act 1983 6th April 2000
17. Arfan Zia Dad v. The General Dental Council (Appeal No.29 of 1999) Dentists Act 1984 13th April 2000
18. Robert Francis Phipps v. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (Appeal No.33 of 1999) New Zealand 13th April 2000
19. Kervin Langton v. The State (Appeal No. 35 of 1999) Trinidad and Tobago 15th May 2000
20. John Earl Baughman v. The Queen (Appeal No. 76 of 1998) Antigua and Barbuda 25th May 2000
21. Desmond Baptiste v. The State (Appeal No. 27 of 1999) Trinidad and Tobago 8th June 2000
22. The Commissioner of Inland Revenue v. New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited (Appeal No. 67 of 1999) New Zealand 12th June 2000
23. Ashook Kumar v. The State (Appeal No. 51 of 1999) Trinidad and Tobago 14th June 2000
24. Auckland Gas Co. Ltd. v. The Commissioner of Inland Revenue (Appeal No. 32 of 1999) New Zealand 14th June 2000
25. Alain Charron v. Government of the United States of America (Appeal No.53 of 1999) The Bahamas 26th June 2000
26. The Attorney General of the Caymen Islands (Third Appellant) and Others v. Even Wahr-Hansen (Appeal No.37 of 1998) Caymen Islands 26th June 2000
27. Ernest John Fifield and Another v. W & R Jack Limited (Appeal No.11 of 1999) New Zealand 29th June 2000
28. Balcurrun Bundhoo V. H.K.S.Jankee and 32 Others (Appeal No.25 of 1998) Mauritius 5th July 2000
29. Cardinal Williams V. The Queen (Appeal No. 52 of 1999) St.Vincent and the Grenadines 10th July 2000
30. Sooriamurthy Darmalingum V. The State (Appeal No. 42 of 1999) Mauritius 10th July 2000
31. The Bahamas District of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas and Others V. The Hon. Vernon J. Symonette M.P. Speaker of the House of Assembly and 7 Others (No. 70 of 1998) and Ormond Hilton Poitier and 14 Others V. The Methodist Church of The Bahamas and Others (Appeal No. 6 of 1999) The Bahamas 26th July 2000
32. Dr. Ashwini Kumar Singh V. The General Medical Council (Appeal No. 37 of 1999) Medical Act 1983 25th August 2000
33. Anderson Noel V. The State (Petition for special leave to appeal as a poor person) Trinidad and Tobago 11th September 2000
34. Roger Bainton v. The General Dental Council (Reasons for decision upon a notice of motion) Dentists Act 1984 14th September 2000
35. Neville Lewis, Patrick Taylor and Anthony McLeod, Christopher Brown, Desmond Taylor and Steve Shaw v. The Attorney General of Jamaica and Another (Appeals Nos. 60, 65 and 69 of 1999 and 10 of 2000)* Amended 15th March 2001 on authority of Lord Slynn of Hadley. Jamaica 12th September 2000
36. Emtel (Mauritius) Limited v. The Ministry of Telecommunication and Others (Appeal No. 56 of 1999) Mauritius 2nd October 2000
37. Dr. Gnanapragasam Anton Joseph Selvanathan v. The General Medical Council (Appeal No. 21 of 2000) Medical Act 1983 11th October 2000
38. Barbara Alison Al-Sabah and Another v. Grupo Torras S.A. and Others (Reasons for report upon a petition for special leave to appeal) Jersey 10th October 2000
39. Sharon Otway (Personal representative of the estate of Thomas Otway, deceased) v. Jean Gibbs (Appeal No. 30 of 1999)
(Reasons for report)
Grenada 25th October 2000
40. Yambou Development Company Limited v. Sally Helena Kauser (as executive of the will of Helen Hadley, deceased) (Appeal No. 3 of 1999) St. Vincent and the Grenadines 25th October 2000
41. Alfred Flowers v. The Queen (Appeal No. 54 of 1999) Jamaica 30th October 2000
42. Cable and Wireless (Dominica) Limited v. Marpin Telecoms and Broadcasting Company Limited (Appeal No. 15 of 2000) Dominica 30th October 2000
43. Bryan Sykes v. The Minister of National Security and Justice and Another (Appeal No. 25 of 1999) and Legal Officers Staff Association v. The Minister of National Security and Justice and Another (Appeal No. 26 of 1999) (Reasons for report) Jamaica 26th October 2000
44. Far Eastern Shipping Company Public Limited v. Scales Trading Limited and Another (Appeal No. 19 of 2000) (Reasons for report) New Zealand 20th November 2000
45. Dr. Manjula Krippendorf v. The General Medical Council (Appeal No. 43 of 1999) (Reasons for report) General Medical Council 24th November 2000
46. T. Choithram International S.A.and Others v. Lalibai Thakurdas Pagarani and Others (Appeal No. 53 of 1998) British Virgin Islands 29th November 2000
47. Meredydd Jones v. The Royal of Veterinary Surgeons (Appeal No. 18 of 2000) (Reasons for report) Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 29th November 2000
48. Colonial Fire and General Insurance Company Limited v. John Chung (Appeal No. 57 of 1999) Trinidad and Tobago 13th December 2000
49. Everad Nicholls v. The Queen (Appeal No. 14 of 2000) St. Vincent & The Grenadines 13th December 2000
50. Geoffrey Cobham v. Joseph Frett (Appeal No. 41 of 1999) British Virgin Islands 18th December 2000
51. Dean Cedeno v. Kenwin Logan (Appeal No. 34 of 1999) Trinidad and Tobago 18th December 2000
52. Kevin Culpepper v. The State (Appeal No. 68 of 1999) Trinidad and Tobago 20th December 2000
Judgments in Devolution Cases
D1 David Shields Montgomery and Andrew Alexander Marshall Coulter v. Her Majesty's Advocate and The Advocate General for Scotland
(DRA Nos. 1 and 2 of 2000)

High Court of Justiciary (Scotland)

19th October 2000
D2 1) Lieuwe Hoekstra (2) Jan Van Rijs (3) Ronny Van Rijs and (4) Hendrick Van Rijs v. Her Majesty's Advocate (DP Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 of 2000) High Court of Justiciary (Scotland) 26th October 2000
D3 (1) Procurator Fiscal, Dunfermline and (2) Her Majesty's Advocate General for Scotland v. Margaret Anderson Brown (DRA No. 3 of 2000) High Court of Justiciary (Scotland) 5th December 2000

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