MESH Guide to Marine Habitat Mapping

The MESH Guide to Marine Habitat Mapping provides a methodological framework for marine habitat mapping giving the information required to ensure consistency and compatibility between seabed habitat maps.
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The MESH Guide to Marine Habitat Mapping aims to offer users a complete understanding of all the processes and decisions required to deliver a comprehensive, fit for purpose, quality assured seabed habitat map.


It provides simple explanations and detailed, practical step-by-step assistance through the mapping process. Each section of the Guide has a hierarchical structure with the top level explaining the key principles in simple terms and then increasing levels of detail as the user navigates down the levels. It is a gateway to the information you require regardless of your involvement in a mapping project. There are links throughout the MESH Guide and it is hoped that you can easily navigate to the information you want.


Navigating the MESH guide


The full structure appears on the left-hand side, expanding when you click on a heading, while the top bar gives quick access to the sections via drop-down menus.

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