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These pages have been set up to accommodate the hearing transcripts from the MARCHIONESS/BOWBELLE FI, the following transcripts are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF. (Provide downloading function)

In order to download the document you will first be required to download a copy of Adobe® Acrobat Reader® Here

Once you have downloaded and installed Adobe® Acrobat Reader® you can proceed to download the files by (right clicking over the file and choosing "SAVE TARGET AS" and choosing a folder on your local hard drive).



Transcript November 2nd (Pdf.125.86kb)


Transcript November 6th (Pdf.167.81kb)



 Transcript November 9th (Pdf.110.63kb) End of the oral evidence



 Transcript November 22nd (Pdf.239.55kb) First day of the oral submissions


 Transcript November 23rd (Pdf.104.17kb) Last day of the oral submissions


The Formal Investigation Report will be issued in the New Year.