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Listed below are the documents which have been entered into evidence at the Marchioness/Bowbelle Formal Investigation. These documents are not referred to in the Chronology.

Where possible, these documents have been listed in chronological order. Those not listed in chronological order appear at the end in the 'Miscellaneous' category.

To access these documents you will first need to download a copy of  The Adobeฎ Acrobat Readerฎ, which can be freely downloaded by clicking here. 

Due to the large size of a number of these documents we have been unable to provide all documents via the web, however you can request the additional documents by Email: 

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 Day 1 – October 2nd 2000
 Admiralty Chart 3319 COR_00647
 Admiralty Chart 317 COR_00648
 Admiralty Chart 317 (annotated) COR_00649
 View from Bowbelle Wheelhouse (Photo) COR_00650
 Photo of the Marchioness COR_00651
 Plan of the original Marchioness COR_00652
 PLA River Byelaws and company rules SCS_02066
 Table of Class V Passenger Ships on the Thames DEP_02048
 Day 2 – October 3rd 2000
 South Coast Shipping Ltd Standing Orders COR_00499-COR_00539
 Rental Maintenance Schedule – 21/02/1988 SCS_02157-SCS_02158
 Application and Letter – 26/10/1987 SCS_02042
 Day 3 – 4 October 2000
 Manuscript of disciplinary hearing by SCS 1992 SCS_02070-SCS_02077
 Navigating Officers Chart – 03/05/1989 SCS_02130
 Navigating Officers Chart – 16/08/1989 SCS_02145
 Photo of the Propeller of the Bowbelle PHO_00317
 Letter from Mr Darwell 31/01/1992 SCS_02059-SCS_02060
 List of charges by SCS SCS_02066
 Log Book of the Bowbelle SCS_02605- SCS_02658
 Appraisal by Captain Thompson SCS_02052
 Letter re the Alleged Collision of the Blacktail Spit SCS_04208-SCS_04209
 Photo of life preservers aboard the Marchioness PHO_00199.502
 Day 4 – 5 October 2000
 Receipt for J Cohen Opticians SCS_02029
 Navigating Officers Table – 19/04/1989 SCS_02128
 Navigating Officers Table – 03/05/1989 SCS_02130
 Notes on verbal discussion with crew by PMB SCS_02543-SCS_02544
 Photograph of the Fo’c’sle PHO_00304
 Letter of Compliance 19/06/1989 SCS_02565.500
 Day 5 – 10 October 2000
 Photo of life rings on board the Bowbelle PHO_00313
 Photo on board the Marchioness PHO_00093
 Photo of ropes on board the Bowbelle PHO_00331.500-PHO_00331.508
 Photos on board Marchioness PHO_00090-PHO_00096
 Day 6 – 11 October 2000
 Photo of the Marchioness and steering position PHO_00568
 Photo of the steps onto the roof hatch PHO_00566
 Photo of the steps from the wheelhouse PHO_00567
 Photo of the dining room PHO_00102
 Photo of the bar PHO_00109
 Photo of slight protruding point of aft light PHO_00577
 Photo of beer cellar PHO_00576
 Photo of the view from the doorway with panels PHO_00110
 Photo of the switches on board the Marchioness PHO_00163
 Photos of Marchioness Pre Collision PHO_00067-PHO_00083
 Photos of the Marchioness Post Collision PHO_00177-PHO_00192
 Photos of Marchioness taken during raising PHO_00269-PHO_00292
 Day 7 – 12 October 2000
 Photo of the bridge (round pillars) PHO_00016
 Photo of life saving equipment PHO_00199.502
 Photo of Bridge Supports PHO_00024
 Photos of the River Thames, Bridges, Aerial Views PHO_00056-PHO_00067
 Admiralty Chart 317 COR_00655
 Day 8 – 16 October 2000
 Merchant Shipping Notice No. M756 MSN_00011-MSN_00018
 Photos of Aerial Views of the Thames PHO_00028-PHO_00038  
 Day 9 – 17 October 2000
 Plan of Marchioness when first purchased COR_00658
 Plan of Marchioness after conversions COR_00653
 Undertaking by Marchioness 17/02/1984 DEP_00424
 Notes of meeting at Wapping Police Station PLA1_01131-PLA1_01132
 Photo of external view of Hurlingham PHO_00443
 Photos of foredeck of Marchioness PHO_00085-PHO_00087
 External Photos of the Marchioness underway PHO_00124.501 
 Minute 74 from the Department 12/03/1982 DEP_00021-DEP_00048
 Merchant Shipping Notice No. M1316 MSN_00096-MSN_00098
 PLA Notice to Mariners – No. 10 of 1986 PLA1_01773
 Copy of internal minute from Mr Creber 27/09/1983 PLA1_01692-PLA1_01696
 Photo of the control room of the boat PHO_00163
 Photo of the Hampton Court underway PHO_00124.500
 Day 10 – 18 October 2000
 Undertaking of Dwan re the Marchioness COR_00425-COR_00432
 Photo looking down on a pleasure boat PHO_00135
 Photo of the interior of the Marchioness PHO_00114
 Photo of the interior of the Marchioness PHO_00116
 Photo of the steering position of the Marchioness PHO_00165
 Photo of lever and starboard door PHO_00567  
 Manuscript of collision between Bowtrader and Pride of Greenwich MET1_00394
 Letter from Nicholls 10/11/1988 DEP_02404
 Statement of claim of Deborah Faldo TCL_00017-TCL_00095
 Day 11 – 19 October 2000
 Minutes of Masters Meeting 09/02/1989 SCS_01036-SCS_01039
 SCS General Managers Reports 1988-89 SCS_00167-SCS_00173
 Letter from Alsop Wilkinson 14/07/1989 SCS_04232-SCS_04236 
 Organogramme of SCS SCS_02022
 Minute of British Dredging 23/04/1981 SCS_00841-SCS_00844
 Damage Reports 24/06/1988 SCS_03970
 Memo from Mr Thompson to Mr Samuel SCS_04195.500-SCS_04195.501
 Minute from the safety committee meeting 22/08/89 SCS_02957-SCS_02958
 Memo on RMC paper 26/11/1987 SCS_04911
 Report by Mr Darwell on East Cowe Wharf SCS_04912-SCS_04914
 Personnel and Safety Report October 1988 SCS_00387-SCS_00423
 Memo on safety meeting – 09/09/1988 SCS_04018-SCS_04019
 Safety meeting document – 11/01/1989 SCS_04085
 Merchant Shipping Notice M1264 MSN_00064-MSN_00066
 Letter from Mr Samuel 08/09/1988 SCS_04016 
 Memo re the conversion of the Bowbelle 11/08/1989 SCS_04252
 Memo re the conversion of the Bowbelle 18/08/1989 SCS_04253
 Day 12 – 20 October 2000
 Personnel and safety report April 1989 SCS_00641-SCS_00717
 SCS Sales Report SCS_00565-SCS_00640
 Damage Report Memo 24/06/1988 SCS_03970
 Alleged Collision Memo 15/06/1989 SCS_04208-SCS_04209
 Letter from Mr Butcher to Mr Samuel SCS_04084
 File note from Mr Butcher 24/05/1988 SCS_03949-SCS_03952
 Memo re Mr Samuel’s appointment SCS_03953 
 MAIB Report REP_00001-REP_00042
 Safety Committee Meeting 09/08/1988 SCS_03157-SCS_03159
 Captain Mooney’s Report 15/02/1989 SCS_04116-SCS_04117
 Letter re Bowbelle 15/02/1989 SCS_04115
 Letter re Masters meeting 08/12/1988 SCS_04065-SCS_04066
 SCS Operations Book SCS_01476-SCS_01594
 Day 13 – October 23rd 2000

Relevant Companies in the RMC Group                                   

SCS Organogram post June 1988                             COR_00592-COR_00594
Dry Docks Works Invoice                                           SCS_02229
Transcript of VHF Channel 14                                                COR_00410-COR_00420
Amended transcript of VHF Channel 14                                    COR_00420.750-COR_00420.784
Inspection of Bowsprite                                                          SCS_04800
Inspection of Bowherald                                             SCS_04801
RMC Group Safety Department Report                                    SCS_04673-SCS_04674
SCS Training Manual/Handbook                                 SCS_04256-SCS_04404
Memo relating to RMC Group Safety Trophy 1988    SCS_04129
Minutes of a Management meeting 25/11/1988                  SCS_4426-SCS_4431
Minutes of a Management meeting 06/06/1987                  SCS_04477-SCS_04480
Group Safety Report 17/05/1989                                SCS_04493-SCS_04498
Monthly Report on Health and Safety 14/08/1985      SCS_04525
Group Safety Department Report 25/09/1985                  SCS_04526-SCS_04529
Group Safety Department Report 21/11/1985                  SCS_04533-SCS_04535
Safety Advisor Job Description                                               SCS_04676
Group Safety Advisor Job Description                                    SCS_04677-SCS_04678
Day 14 – October 24th 2000  
Company Standing Orders Revised August 1987            COR_00485-COR_00498
Location of Survivors                                                       COR_00595-COR_00635
Minutes of SCS Masters Meeting                                    SCS_00993-SCS_00996
Management structure of SCS                                        COR_00594.505
Alleged collision – Blacktail spit                                      SCS_04191
Ship Records 26/04/1989                                                SCS_02129
Day 15 – October 25th 2000  
Instructions to Surveyors                                                DEP_02966-DEP_02968
Diagram of position within the Department                        COR_00590-COR_00591
Diagram of personnel in the London Marine Office   COR_00589
Merchant Shipping Notice No. 1263                               MSN_00062-MSN_00063
Merchant Shipping Notice No. 1102                               MSN_00049-MSN_00055
Day 16 – October 26th 2000  
Report detailing the capacity of passenger vessels  DEP_00074-DEP_00077
Plan of the Marchioness                                                            COR_00540-COR_00543
Passenger Certificate                                                    DEP_00454-DEP_00455
Declaration of Survey of Marchioness                            COR_00734-COR_00735
Series of Minutes                                                          DEP_00606-DEP_00629
Declaration of Survey                                                    COR_00715-COR_00718
Interior of the Marchioness                                            PHO_00111
Declaration of Survey                                                    COR_00706-COR_00709
Day 17 – October 27th 2000  
Letter re Viscountess Crew Reduction 17/10/1984        DEP_02654
Photograph of starboard damage to the Marchioness     PHO_00171
Day 18 – October 30th 2000  
PLA Marine Training School in Tilbury                           PLA1_02031-PLA1_02039
Waterman and Lightermen Byelaws                               PLA1_02009-PLA1_02025
PLA Pleasure Users Guide to the Thames                        PLA1_01900-PLA1_01909
POLCAP 1981                                                             PLA2_00157-PLA2_00215
Day 19 – October 31st 2000  
Letter re an incident on the Thames 07/08/1989                        PLA1_01165
Note of meeting with Captain Varney09/11/1990                     PLA1_00661.504-PLA1_00661.508
Minutes of PLA meeting 01/09/1989                               PLA1_01455-PLA1_01456
Minutes of PLA meeting 29/09/1989                               PLA1_01473-PLA1_01474
Declaration of Survey                                                    COR_00734-COR_00735
Declaration of Survey                                                    COR_00740-COR_00741
Transcript of Audio Tape marine Channel 14                        COR_00420.785-COR_00420.794
Radio Station Log 19/09/1989                                         PLA2_00216-PLA2_00341
Mobilising of the fire boat                                               LFB_00443-LFB_00447
Transcript of Audio Tape Channel 99                             COR_00420.807-COR_00420.833
Day 20 – November 1st 2000  
Photograph of the stern of the London Phoenix                        PHO_00339.500-PHO_00339.501
London Fire Brigade Operations Log                                LFB_00297-LFB_00347
London Fire Brigade Wireless Log                                   LFB_00348-LFB_00375
Briefing note on Fire Brigade River Service                        LFB_00416-LFB_00426
London Phoenix Log Book August 1989                           LFB_00407-LFB_00414
Recording of Police Telephone Call                                  LFB_00218
London Fire Brigade Wireless Log                                   LFB_00449-LFB_00450
Transcript of Main Force R/T Channel                              MET2_00042-MET2_00084
Log of communications taken from messages                        MET2_00024-MET2_00041
Responsibility for Rescue                                               MET2_00200-MET2_00202



Day 21 – November 2nd 2000  
Files on collisions                                                          MET1_00441-MET1_00676
Amended Notice of Substantial Criticisms                        COR_00101.500-COR_00101.529
Notice of Substantial Criticisms                                       COR_00236-COR_00242
Day 22 – November 6th 2000  
Minutes of meeting                                                         SCS_00015-SCS_00016